A 3D print Workshop
Interactive learning

Ivarface in conjunction with the Biz Foundry holds a 3D print workshop. Paticipants include school teachers interested in introducing 3D printing into junior & middle schools, university students, industry professionals, artists and individuals wanting to learn about 3D printing.

Hands On Learning
Break out sessions

Participants rotate through different breakout sessions

Problem Solving
Setup and maintenance
Different printers
Hands on experimentation

Showing how the Delta robot printer works with a Bowden extruder ...

Technology, hardware & software
3D scanning

Participants get 3D scanned on Ivarface's full body 3D scanner....

3D scan
Aligning 3d mesh
Breakout Groups
Two of four
More Groups
Learning to use Makerbot
Participants engaged!
Learning 3D design
Captivating curriculum

Gesturing to explain how the technology works...

Biz Foundry Printers

Rep Rap, Bits for Bytes...


Participants viewing a 3d demonstration using an Oculus headset...

Ivarface dual extruder printer
3d scanning

More participants learn about full body 3d scanning...

email: info@ivarface.com

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